What's this game all about ?

Lunaform is a puzzle arcade game like breakout, but instead of destroying all of the blocks your trying to fill them up. Swap the hexes just in time to catch stars of the same color, and fill up the grid to complete the level. Sounds easy at first, but later on increasingly complex star patterns emerge, and the hex grid gets larger as you work on harder planets. Your goal is to finish constructing the solar system by building each planet, accomplished by beating each level.

Want to get the game? It's out!

Itch.io (PC/Mac/Linux)

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Dev Update : Upgrades!

Lunaform has a couple of upgrades to give the player something to work towards, and to help balance out some of the more challenging ...

Dev Update : Difficulty and World Selection

I've been working on easing the difficulty curve and the ability to select different level groups with world selection

Overdue Update on Lunaform

It's been awhile since we've posted an update on Lunaform, so I discuss where we are and what we're doing.

Magfest 13 Lunaform Timelapse

Amazing time-lapse that we captured over the weekend with a small Python script to take pictures every minute.

Lessons from Magfest 13

There was lots of amazing people that came out to Magfest13! I was really pleased with all the folks that came by the Indie Game ...

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